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Who We Are
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Mission & Vision Statement
Advancing innovation and entrepreneurship in behavioral healthcare by enhancing leadership and strategic connections.

Statement of Values

We believe that our collective talents, knowledge, and experiences can most often produce better results than our individual efforts and that a network of committed individuals working together can bring about profound change.

We nurture an atmosphere of personal and professional trust, sharing, and peer support within our membership.

We provide a culture of inviting hospitality and high expectation wherein we promote executive education and encourage continued learning.

Membership in mhca is by invitation only. It is the organization's intent to include in its network only the highest quality behavioral healthcare organizations in the country.

mhca is a results-oriented organization that operates in a fast, flexible, and focused mode. It takes pride in the purposeful and productive involvement and participation of its members. Because it is composed of members who share common visions and priorities, mhca is able to quickly determine its objectives, commit the necessary resources, and accomplish its goals.

Looking Ahead, Preparing for Tomorrow

At the heart of mhca's purpose and work is a belief that community behavioral health providers must rise to the challenges presented by a transforming healthcare delivery system. Members recognize that major shifts are occurring in demographics, technology, politics, the economy and organizational frameworks. There is an increasing demand to contain cost, deliver more efficient and measurable services and engage employees whose skills and personal/professional investment reflect the organization's commitment to excellence.

Through their membership in mhca, these organizations are encouraged to learn best practices from each other and are introduced to top-notch, nationally recognized leaders in management reform and healthcare delivery. Members regularly examine their corporate vision and are given tools to anticipate tomorrow's challenges.

For today's work, for tomorrow's promise...with an appreciation for all that yesterday offered as a foundation of service, mhca stands ready to equip its members to provide their communities excellent behavioral healthcare in the most accessible, affordable and accountable form. It is what the public demands. It is what mhca members expect of themselves.

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